Dear Alessia 102221

Too rebellious for rock n roll
Can there be such a thing?
Turns out there can
And it’s rebellion against the corporate structure of things
And the narrative big pharma wants you to puppet
That is too much for the likes of rage against the machine to stand up against

I only bring them up
Because of their unfortunate name
Rage against the machine

It’s actually a great name
But not when you play shows which demand your audience to get experimental injections
At the center of the biggest marketing campaign in history
A marketing campaign so evil health care workers who were formerly heroes months ago are now simply kicked to the curb
And treated like lepers

Rage against the machine

Ok guys
But they aren’t alone
It’s the rare bands and the rare artists
Who are standing up to this
But some of us are too rebellious for rock n roll

I don’t mind the break to be honest
Spent 25 years or more fully dedicated to music
To giving
To writing
To performing
Thousands of gigs in thousands of hole in the walls
Had the universe not forced me to stop
By surrounding me with a circle
Who would turn on me on a dime
As soon as I spoke my mind

If I was a ship sailing on choppy waters
Everyone in my crew jumped out
It’s practically laughable

Because I questioned an injection

I questioned the machine
Didn’t even rage against it

Ok maybe a little rage but still
Who knew how easy it was
To be too rebellious for rock n roll

My partner in the podcast I had put years into simply stopped engaging
Stopped booking them
And became distant

That’s how ostricization works
It’s organized somehow. I don’t mean
People meet and discuss it
It’s not organized like that but in realms beyond this one it appears to be
That’s the effect it has
It can push people into pretty dark places
And that’s the meaning of people saying things like
When the going gets tough
You find out who your friends are
Rough waters baby
Too rebellious for rock n roll
Can’t question the government these days
Without everyone in your life jumping ship
Courage is contagious they say
But so is fear
So is abandonment

And if this sounds like complaining
It’s not so much that as it is therapy
And making it clean for the record

Here’s what happened
And now I’m moving on
My eyes have been wide open this whole time
And I’m not even mad at any of this
Because passion leads to passion
And I wake up passionate
And laughing

I do think of the albums left behind
And collecting dust on a shelf
I have three albums worth of music with someone who couldn’t take me questioning big pharma and the government
So he burned those projects down
Without even saying goodbye
Poof there goes years of my time
And soul investment
For questioning the government
Too rebellious for rock n roll
Don’t question the machine
Let alone rage against it.
And now Coachella isn’t even asking for proof of the weird shot.
As our hard work sits on shelves collecting dust
Deflated dreams
In blood and rust
Collective guilt
Who to trust
Too rebellious for rock n roll
Like a porn with too much lust?
Rage against the machine
For nothing is just
But when they take a knee
Who can you trust
Deflated dreams
Of blood and rust
The silence screams
Life’s a bust
Too rebellious for rock n roll
Our dreams in dust

But life has a funny way of moving you into positive directions
Even as the world turns upside down
I think I’ll make more trading NFT’s this year than in all my years in music combined.
I doubt it will be close
Already daily I make more than working the job I got when you were first born
From fear of what I could do or where I could go to provide
The pressure of having a family
Right when the world you’ve invested
Your entire adult life into
Turns it’s back on you and kicks you to the curb
For questioning the machine
Rock n rollers are the new authoritarians
Let there be no doubt about that

Thank God for the blockchain
They can’t censor the blockchain
It’s in the name
The block chain
Blocking chains
Letting freedom reign
Thank God for the block chain
And the liberation I feel discovering it
Learning it
Learning how to operate within it
Liberates my voice now
I already was kicked to the curb
But part of me was still waiting at the door to see if they would let me back in

Not no more baby
I walked down the street
And found different avenues
Different ways and means
It’s like I met new friends and am simply telling them the story
You know what those fools did
I say
They listen and we laugh
Because we are moving on into greater things
We aren’t pretending life is the same
While playing into institutions that separate and control
We escaped the hell of being a puppet
And a few
Weeks of scared silence while the knife wounds healed

And now
I’ve got no need for silence anymore
I’ve got nothing to be afraid of
All of its a joke to me
Such an obvious joke
More evidence of the simulation
To go see rage against the machine
You have to inject yourself
With whatever the machine tells you to inject yourself with
Ok rage against the machine
I’m giggling as I write this
My baby in the other room
You baby
Making sounds smiling at your mama feeding
Daddy made it to the otherside
With a testimony of survival
Leading into how we thrive

Trading is an invitation
Into realms unknown
I feel like I’m walking out of a graveyard
To expansive pastures where suddenly the sky is the limit again
And anyone or anything in the past
Can no longer harm or infringe upon the possibilities of this new landscape
It’s as if one world has nothing to do with the other
That world would make fun of this world
Even though
It doesn’t know how dependent it is on this world
Some know
Most don’t
The world I’m walking in now
Is the world they’re all coming too whether they know it or not
Some do most don’t

Acquiesce to the machine

They should change their name to that
If they care about truth in advertising

Moving on

I don’t need to fear the truth
The truth will set me free

I wrote him a letter I don’t think I’ll send
But post here and then that’s the end
This is the last time I speak on this
After this
It’s nothing but future and the moment
But you gotta bury the dead
Lest they stink up the joint
So here goes

Names removed cause he needs the drama.

Dear blank.
Spin it anyway you want but the truth is you burned albums and years of effort over me speaking my opinion about a product of big pharma and government corruption. Kinda authoritarian for a rock n roller no?
I know (blank) was melting down about one of her “friends” not parroting the narrative fed to her by CNN and I’m sure the gossip was thick
And even though you are grown at this point
Getting that close to social shame revealed a cowardice a teenager should be ashamed of
Even though all that happened
I would have thought you respected music and peoples time and soul effort more than that
More than the fear of what will the community think?
He’s not saying what CNN is telling us all to say
Yee gad

Anyway it’s revealing who does what during tough times

And the legacy and karma of burning all that music is gonna be a hard thing to live down old friend.

In the end
You just kinda wasted a bunch of my time
But don’t think twice it’s alright


And there it is
Shovel on the face of the past
Goodbye rock n roll
Rock n roll is dead
Long live rock n roll

I have no fear. I have the blockchain.
It’s revealing how even the ones high up on the totem pole
All took a
All bowed to the corporate agenda
Under the guise
Of righteousness. But most of us know
It’s the biggest con in the history of man
And we see clearly who the conmen are.

I ended that letter with a Dylan line
And another dylan line pops
In my mind from time to time
Like the spirit realm making a long distance call

I thought some of them were
Friends of mine

I was wrong about em all.

I was pauper in that world at the end
But now that I’m leaving it on my own

I’m a king again.