Dear Alessia 010221

Day two of the new year
And the morning run felt amazing
Don’t be defeated in these days
Don’t be afraid to speak out
To use your voice
The truth is coming like a tidal wave
Like a freight train
And everybody knows that
There will be an attempt to thwart it
To keep you afraid
To keep your focus on death and dying
But don’t allow that anymore
Don’t allow them to make you believe
That fear and silence is the righteous choice
Don’t allow them to submerge you
Or your voice any longer
Lean into life with brand new waves of wonder
Inspire others to freedom
And reflect back the life you want to live
Not one where your freedoms and sovereignty are parceled out bit by bit
Like negotiating the terms of your daily release
But one where you are free to authentically give
To authentically expand
To reach new horizons
In freer and freer lands
To expand your health and work on your health
And know that you are empowered to do that
Knowing that that is a multifaceted endeavor
Part of which is where your focus goes
Focus on life and new ways to live it
Make sure you breath deeply everyday and fill your lungs
Make sure expand your mind
And walk unafraid
Make sure you become a reflection of boldness and health
And strength and love
For to really be of service
To really act in accordance with care to your fellow man
It’s never been about taking a knee and allowing your freedoms to be surrendered to the man
It’s always been about empowering your voice
And your ability to allow the universe to expand within you
To help others do the same
So that we are life reflecting living
With good will grace and humor each and everyday
The birds are chirping in the trees at dawn here in brooklyn
No one told life you were supposed to be afraid to live it
Life didn’t get that memo
Turn off your devices
Turn off the 24/7 fear campaign and see for yourself
Life is ready to embrace you back into the fold
Go forth young grasshoppers
Go forth and be bold!!!!

Focus on the momentum
Not the results
The results will come or they won’t
In the end that’s not what matters
What matters is moving in the direction
Of a dream
Believing that what you do matters
Protecting your voice from those trying confiscate it
And being bold with it in a land of fear
And censorship
I don’t respect censorship so it’s hard for me
To play along
Something in my nature
Wants to say what the waves of oppression
Tell you you’re not supposed to say
I wanna say exactly that
When people are discouraged to be free
I want to be freer
When people are afraid to see the truth
I want to put it up in lights on a pogo stick
For some of us resistance is in born
Or innate
And we live in a time when mass psychosis
Have led people to give way their ability
To think
To institutions funneled through the idiot box
But the narrative is crumbling and out of control
And evil flexes and displays itself
It makes its participants complicit
Society is traumatized collectively in a humiliation ritual
Covering themselves externally and internally
With irrational threads
With no end in sight
And permanently moving goal posts in a permanent midnight

To hang onto my voice I’ve had to let go of so much
But it’s been worth it
Because hanging onto that meant I could just say
Out loud
What I think every step of the way
And so I never forfeited critical thought
Critical thought needs an apparatus to funnel itself through
To expand and explain
To find ownership in the rain
On the other side of all this
These missives may become valuable
The hatred they garner
An interesting study of human behavior
Mass psychosis
It’s trending on google
People waking up to the humiliation ritual
Of what happens when evil asks you to forfeit life
For weeks
Til those weeks become years
To focus on one danger which is exaggerated
And used as a reason to take your eye off of every other danger
Which are deflated and deemed irrelevant
But bit by bit the world is waking up to the faulty arithmetic that has led them astray

Can critical thinking return once it’s been abandoned to the group?
I look forward to finding out
I look forward to the world returning
Into healing and unity
I look forward to eliminating social credit
Passports and division
Like waking up from a bad dream
To just how close we got to descending into full on tyranny
Rather than just a season of it
I look forward to tribunals
And more and more people just fearlessly expressing
Whatever is in their three pound universe
The universe expanding itself into new dimensions
I look forward to media which enforces those ideals
And ideas
A media of light where people are encouraged
To expand their minds
And express their souls rather living through
A kind of permanent fear
Where showing your face becomes
Something one oughta be ashamed of
Evil has a thumbprint
And it’s all over this world lately
It’s disguised itself as righteous
But it’s results speak for themselves

People forgot that they had the power
They were hypnotized to a pain on a psychotic level
And told that that pain could be removed
For the price of their rights
And freedoms
And their voice
And most simply acquiesced
Even though deep down they knew better
But people are stirring awake from the mass slumber
And the days ahead no doubt will be interesting
If not shocking
I wonder what the mass embarrassment will be when the big wake up finally becomes impossible to ignore
When the purveyors of this evil are up on trial
And there is no longer anyway to shroud any of this in righteousness
Where it will just be seen for what it is and nothing more
People will have to reckon with what they surrendered
With what they gave respect too
With what they tried to deflate and defeat
People will have to come to terms
With what they participated in
Including those that sat on the sidelines in silence
Watching it all go down

I can’t imagine how that’s gonna feel
After evil is exposed
After the great reveal
It’s hard to imagine how that’s gonna feel

If it were me
I would see how this tide is inevitably turning
And I would rush to speak up
Before you have to live with the fact that you never ever did
That’s not gonna be easy to live with on the otherside of all this
To rationalize that will be
It will become a national pastime
The excuses as to why people allowed silence to take them over.