Dear Alessia 010322 (out of order)

To turn off the negative voices that can easily flood in if you let them first thing
That’s what discipline’s for
To get a leg up on the mind virus
The negative self talk that wants
To have a group discussion about your failures
And lay out the reason that your situation is hopeless
It doesn’t take too much negativity from the outside
To lay your potential out like a hit and run highway victim
To where you’re finally paralyzed
Into a vortex of inactivity distraction and then depression
Perhaps you’ll seek a doctor out for a medical solution
Or else you’ll seek a habit out to create one for yourself instead
But for most the solution isn’t as complicated as that
The solutions are morning runs
Lungs filled with oxygen
As you commune with the most high
Organizing your mind like legos thrown in a blender
From the twist and turns of life
The solutions are cold showers and fasting
And writing it all down
Maybe some therapy. Friendships (but the genuine ones
And a diet that mostly eliminates the crazy making sugar rushes
These are some of the solutions I’ve found
None of which are easy
I’m up again at dawn. Just gone 555 am
My news years resolution was a daily run
And a vague plan to overcome some annoying limitations
To respond to the collective insanity our lives have become
By digging deeper rather allowing nihilism to have a run
I hadn’t planned these early wake ups
But why not?
There’s something military esque about the whole thing
And we are in a spiritual war
Of that there can be no doubt.
So here we are on the third day of the new year
And I’m gonna lace up the running shoes
And run into the mystical dawn
I’ll be out there mostly alone
Maybe I’ll pass one or two other kids on the playground of life
But mostly it’ll be me and God having a pow wow
About what we should do with the day
I’ll try to get more work done before hitting my meeting in the city at 1230
The challenge of creating positive momentum
Is a goal achieved in and of itself
And then you need consistency
To make actual progress you have to avoid
The sidesteps and Booby traps
Embrace life for what it actually is
Instead of what you wish it could be
Embrace life in every moment and understand that it’s a gift
No matter how messed up the wrapping paper may be
The on switch is oxygen
Deep breaths running by the water in brooklyn
Led by supernatural strings
By a supernatural puppeteer
In the super natural sky
It matters the energy you put out in the world
It matters the actions you take to reflect it back
Your life matters even though you’re surrounded by a media funded campaign that will tell you otherwise
The devil hates when you make progress
When you reflect a kind of wide open eyed life
Pushing yourself to its fullest expression
But that makes doing it
Well worth it
That makes doing it worth it in and of itself
Chasing the party means different things at different times
There was a time when it was raging night after night
Looking for company with a magic allure
And chasing the possibilities of what could be
But now is time for a different kind of party
Still involves chasing the possibilities of what could be
Still involves magical company
And achieving levels of intoxication
But in this party the company you seek is the most high
And the intoxication comes from running at dawn
Into the infinite sky
But life is still a party
And you pick the playlist of your mind
You pick the intentions and structure of your day
You have so much power to determine your health and every part of it
Lacing you the shoes again
Here we go again
Beating the sun that hasn’t yet risen in the sky
Good morning my friend
Good morning and goodbye.