Dear Alessia 010422

Don’t care
Don’t try
Nothing matters
People’s perception of you
Doesn’t matter
Not at all
Reinvent yourself in every moment.

Or to put it another way
It matters to an extent but it should never
Impede your creative output
It should never silence your voice
We live in a judgmental world
People are encouraged to trash talk and troll
Particularly if you speak outside the box
Or about the avenues of control

So people become locked in worlds of silence and fear
And devil will send minions to blow up comment sections
Of those brave enough to ignore the social shame
In favor of their own voice
Their own light
To become a reflection of courage
In a long dark and cold and silent night.

The trolls will troll
Hateful voices will flood in
But understand that the venom they spew
Is really aimed back at themselves
It’s there to blast them for their inability to think outside of what they are told to think
And their inability to face the shame from the other trolls who would lambast them
If they had the courage to share a different thought now and then
But haters don’t matter
Not in the end
What matters is you allow your voice to expand and extend

What matters is you never silence yourself
And keep shining and speaking again and again

Charles Bukowski has Don’t Try written on his tombstone
And that could mean anything and everything
But for me it means
Don’t try to appease trolls or negotiate terms
Of your voice and your creative output

Or like Andy Warhol says
Make stuff and while everyone talks about how bad it is
Make more stuff

This is the life of creation
Especially if you have a revolution in your blood
Living in a time of a tyrannical take overs
Where doctors are incentivized to withhold the truth
And the media is on puppet strings of corporations
Held firm by the hand of the devil

The trolls are tapped into that frequency
And the hypnosis only works if everyone agrees
Upon an agreed upon message
And demonizes anyone who questions what doesn’t make sense
The narrative is crumbling
And those that were in the middle before
Are now sitting on the fence

Too many examples of how they’ve been lied too
Have seeped through
And tiny alarm bells annoyingly kept going off in their three pound universe
It woke up thoughts outside of the agreeed upon programming
Many started shutting off their public hypnosis devices
Aka their televisions or mainstream news sources
And those same sources started to back track as they lost control of the thread more and more
The looming threat of humanity having a wake up call
With eyes open wide to the destructive roads they were on.

Get out and breath
Take in the day with motion
Start your morning with a prayer instead
News programming
Gather up your own consciousness
And allow it too formulate conclusions for you
Not fed to you by the outside world
But taking information from various domains and allowing your intuition of the truth to blossom

Express yourself
You a shining star
Don’t care about the trolls
And don’t try.

The world is a weapon aiming at the soul of man
But with effort you can turn the destruction
Into a playground for your souls evolution

Your voice needs freedom
It’s like oxygen towards your own evolution
How else can the universe of you extend and expand

Express what you’re afraid too
And don’t be afraid to be “bad”
When trying out new avenues of creativity
Don’t be afraid to try new things
And lean into the unknown

The trolls will come with knives out
Because the devil hates progress and they get their instructions from him
But don’t let that stop you
Look at it as a strange encouragement
When the devil comes attacking it means you are moving the needle
You are turning the lights on in the mind of another
And that’s what we are here for
To help each other extend and expand
Into the full expression of who we are
Without fear. Regret. Or worry.
Be a giant light for your time here is limited
No new day is guaranteed
What are you waiting for
Who are you silent for
The bullies have silenced themselves
Of course they will try to silence everyone else
But each day is a blessing and opportunity
To battle that kind of oppression
And your whole life has led you to now
To the chance to over come over those mountains of fear
And realize they were just piles of dirt
You were too close to see how small they were

Don’t try
Just do
Don’t try
Just speak
Don’t try
Just be
The light raging through you
Holding it back is making you small
Allow it flourish
Over the wall.