Dear Alessia 010522

Vivid dreams have returned
This morning last nights dream has already faded
But they are back with full force
Every night an electric circus
An alternate life playing out
It’s hard not to submit to the magic of life
The magic of the world when you consider dreams
People who exited your life (maybe long ago)
Re emerging to help you build a go kart
(Like the Mitch hedgeburg joke. Look it up)
It’s just gone 545 am
And I hear you crying in the other room
As your mama clears her throat
The whole house is up again
But I was first to clock in
My cold brew got poured at 530 after a long night of vivid dreams
I was out by 8pm putting on the sleeping goggles for the show
I love early the riser mentality and schedule
Heading at the goals you have first thing
Before the mind can attack them with its fears and procrastination
Before the mind can tap you out into the negativity of distraction
Always remember you decide your purpose and the importance of it
No one else decides that for you
Not social media numbers or anything else
Just you and your relationship to the most high
Outside the weather app says freezing rain
And I can hear the pitter patter of it
And what sounds like crickets
Could those be crickets?

I think the daily runs
And the sobriety and the early schedule are leading to these vivid dreams
I think oxygen intake is the secret key
To health
Or the not so secret key if you listen to people like wim hoff
It’s easy to allow your life to descend into a shallow breathing ritual
Aided and abetted by junk food sugar and distraction
Throw in porn and forget about it
You cut your life off at the knees
Stuck in that life cycle
And as we head to more lockdowns
More big media focus on division sickness death
More gyms closing with winter here and approaching
People locked in front of their televisions
On couches of regret
Many of them hopeless unhealthy and isolated

We have to start a wave of overcoming
The odds of these days
We have to push for running through the freezing rain
Sometimes life is a battle
And so you have to approach it like a war
And in this war the enemy
Is distraction and laziness
In this war the enemy is ambivalence towards God
Ans your greater purpose to be of service
Focus on serving others
Even with this writing
That’s what I’m aiming for
To charge this day by helping to inspire others or try too
That’s the goal.
That’s the main goal
And in doing that or pursuing that
I accidentally get up hella early
And go on a run and fill my lungs
Take in oxygen like medicine because it is
My spirit lifts
And whether real or imagined I have a purpose
If I help one person lift themselves off the couch
Well then I’ve helped turn a life around
As I’ve turned my own life around
And the universe responds
You can feel the force of blessings surround you
Like Yoda’s dreams when he’s about to battle Darth Vader
Again real or imagined
What does it matter?
You’ve put purpose in your life
Like a jet liner engine strapped to your back
Who could stop you now
You’ve turned life into a game
A survival ritual when clearly there are forces
Of evil implementing evil choices
The amount of suffering and death more lockdowns will create is infuriating and insane
And so dumb at this point it’s hard to believe it could be an accident
But the only way to fight it
Is to turn our lives into inspirational events
Of thriving and survival
Against the grain of the death rituals surrounding us

I hear the pitter patter outside
But I’m about to lace up for this run now

Yesterday I blew it off til the afternoon and it got increasingly difficult as the day went on
Something about early mornings
Makes achieving things so much easier
Like the part of your mind that negotiates for distraction doesn’t wake up before noon

I guess that makes sense
Captain lazy within still looking for dreams
Under the whirlwind of rapid eyes
Let’s get after it before he wakes up
Do it for you
And do it for them
The engine moving you
Is high end.