Dear Alessia 010622

Days move fast
Too many rules and regulations to behold
Hot rooms and trials
Early wake ups and then naps in 12 step rooms
Digressions and plots of moving
Crypto crashes and long flights
Into new lands
Looking for places we belong
Lace up the thumbs and get to typing
Here we are again in the pre dawn writing
Life has a way of moving us on and in
The adventure continues
And we choose our levels
I had vivid dreams again but I don’t try to hold onto them and so they fade
Looking for a minute long ramble
To post on tik tok
I like writing long into my winter of discontent
Until life is an early morning celebration again
Thank God for cold brew
And you and your mama
Thank God for my healthy body
Thank God for abundance coming through
Thank God for music and the chance to sing again
Thank God for visions and plots and schemes
Thank God for the program
And tapping life into an excuse to be of service
So that you elevate your experience
Outside of self destructive self obsession
Thank God for Jesus dying for our sins
So that we are purified through him
Enough to be let back in
Thank God for sin and the nights when it was fun
That we got to feel that and do our little runs
But thank God we are determined to move beyond all that
Thank God for the responsibility of our young
And those aren’t crickets outside
It’s the radiator whistling a tune like a vagabond in the distance
Thank God for breakthroughs and thank God for resistance
Thank God for the courage to speak up
For being locked in silence under rules and walls of cowardice
Where’s a soul down and drains the inspiration from its head
What song can you sing when you’re holding back what you think and feel?
In times like these
With humanity on its knees
Will these proving grounds ever rise again?
It’s doubtful my friend it’s doubtful
And then what? You spend the rest of your days
Knowing you were silent back then
When it mattered most
Thank God for courage
And that I can be it’s host
It’s you and your three pound universe
What others think and feel about what you say and do
Matter quite a bit less than what you think of what you say and do
And here we are heading into more lockdowns
More shutdowns
More strict government control
To prevent the possibility of death
A dark cloud looms over the world
As they try to shut down life to prevent death
As if man has any say in the matter
But the collective insanity has gripped those that aren’t shut down by fear
And those shut down by fear are scared into silence
They still say it privately to some of their friends and family
What they really feel but in reality they acquiesce and get on with their lives or what’s left of them
Without raising their voice beyond the fold
Acting in accordance with the evil empires plan and doing what they’re told

It’s a shame such a shame such a dirty little shame

But as I said the flip side is coming
It could be years but it’s coming
And at the same time the flip side is already here
Too many
So many losing patience for the absurdity of this agenda
Life having become a train wreck of silence and shut downs
And censorship and outrage
How many won’t survive the winter?
How many will take their own lives
In the shame of surrender
It takes a certain calling to go beyond all this
A will to live in lockstep with a will to resist

I’m a natural rebel I always have been
And I’m young enough to still act like a young man
And mean it
And of course you have arrived on the planet
And you are a shining star of innocence and love
And like a movie I need to see the ending of
I need to see how you evolve and who you become
I can’t leave now
So it becomes life and how to make it livable
These words are a salut to perseverance
A survivors scroll
A purpose for Dawn and radiators which sound like crickets
And most of humanity is with me
In the future all of humanity is
And I’m writing for those eyes
For when you are an adult and reading about the curious time in our history
The fascinating reality
That life got like this
A whirlwind of fear and bat shit craziness
Life moves quickly
These routines of discipline slow it down a bit but not much

I’m grateful for em though
For the morning runs and for this heroic new routine
You’re in the army now kid

Yesterday I went to B and H
And got a new microphone and some headphones
I don’t need much
And the advantage of living this long
Of twisting and turning through all these stations
Is life is gravy now
I’m willing to roll the dice on all of creation
I’m playing for an audience of eternity
Not bragging but I’m beyond a social media thread
I’m beyond space and time
I float on the horizon of never before and never again
My judge is the most high
My boss is Jesus
And whatever you think of that is none of my business really and truly
I do know this however
I’m inspired like never before
And that’s the trophy in this life
The beginners mind and fresh inspiration flooding in
That’s the trophy
That’s the permanent youth
The fountain of youth
You can be a kid at 90
Still inebriated by the wonder of things
Ask Picasso. Ask Henry Miller
You decide when the celebration is over
The celebration of your life
You decide
But silence will make that decision for you
Your soul will simply float away like smoke
Looking for an alternate avenue of expression and expansion it you won’t provide it one
Your own soul will say get lost my son
Because you already are
The weight of your soul is something you have to lift up daily
Something you earn daily
Through courageous action
What else did you think life was supposed to be?
A joyride set on cruise control?
We’ve all learned that by now
None of this is accidental
None of it is a mistake or a sidestep
On the contrary
We are right where we are supposed to be
Leaning into the test of the times
This round is called
Silence versus speaking up

How are you doing on this round of testing?