Dear Alessia 011002 (short and thwarted)

By hook or by crook
We been heading to the lanes
Throwing bricks
Virtual reality wars
NFT degen tradings
And looking for digs
Out here where the sun
Blooms disgust on the children of the cold
This reminds me of LA in the 90’s
When record companies would pay for my rental cars
And fancy hotels
And I’d drive up and down sunset
Listening to mixes
Thinking about glory
Or else focusing on that one part
That didn’t live up to my perfectionism
Cracking the whip

It reminds me of LA back then because the energy is good
And the place is wide open
Strip mall after strip mall
Heating in the blazing sun
Or the too cold dawn or early evening
The west coast vibe man

Back then it was about glory
Now it’s about survival
About participation prizes and keeping your body mind and soul alive
It’s about making one song and stringing up the guitar
(Not necessarily in that order)
It’s about making sure you point your ship
In the direction of your dreams
And lap up the fruits of your labor
Like a junkyard dog
Barking down dusty alleyways blind

Since I’ll read this and post it on social media’s which are censored like China
Since we live in a clown world where
You can’t say certain things in certain places
Since in that world most of our supposed rock n rollers fully endorse and are on the side of agendas like that
Since all these things are true
I’ll say this next thing in code

Another heavy proponent of the thing
Died too early yesterday
Of course no one mentions that he had videos
With mainstream physicians
From big pharma supported news networks
Talking about the importance of getting the thing

It’s a damn shame
RIP messages sent out and it feels bad
And frustrating that the conversation is simply not allowed to venture towards the obvious
That too mention it is an offense to the dead or callous
Or “not the right time”
But what of the living who are flying blind in o world where informed consent is outlawed
And the supposed crazy whack jobs
Are the only ones who openly question
What is staring us down
With pin prick eyes
People from out culture disappearing like flies

(Side note I’ve got to catch this blog up to itself or I’m gonna blow a gasket)