Dear Alessia 011122

It’s seven 20 am
And out here in Arizona are schedule and diet are all out of whack
We’ve gone to in and out burger too many times
And when we goto in and out burger
We get milk shakes and fries
And double doubles. Two each
Me your mama get the same thing
And it’s a junk house feast
But we both have stated clearly to each other
No more in and out for now
Today we goto sprouts and get healthy stuff
And look at more places to raise you in
Hopefully we find your future home out here

Reconnecting with the dad side of your mama’s family has been a joy
We’ve been embraced with a warmth and a love that no one should take for granted in this world
And we don’t
It’s wonderful to see your mama heal these old connections
And expand what for you will be future family
Very important figures in your life no doubt
Your grand dad Alexander
Your Aunt Ava and your step grand mama Tatiana
All very sweet people indeed.

We went to some big arcade/bowling alley two nights in a row
A kind of celebration for a lost childhood you could say
It wasn’t done that way on purpose
But I have a habit of interpreting real life like it’s made of dreams
Because that’s what real life is made out of.
We all put on oculus’s and wielded virtual guns
We landed in a world made of video games and androids
Loud bangs and jackpot prizes
Alley strikes
Clinking plates and music up loud
A place I can already see you enjoying greatly in the future
All the fun we will get to have
Playing games together
And making you laugh
Bringing out that easy smile of yours
I’m feeling blessed that we are holding it all together
That our work to keep the family unit alive
Through whatever challenges arise
Is expanding and extending quite literally before our eyes

Have I mentioned the weather?
I’m in shorts and tank top right now
It’s a cool morning which will unfold into a sunny 70 plus degrees day and it’s January
I could get used to this.
I know the summers are brutal but we have ideas for those

And in other news
The world is in the middle of an extended wake up call
Fauci caught lying under oath
(As if we didn’t know what he’s about)
CNN completely changing the narrative they created
As the writing on the wall turns to blood
Their ratings in the toilet and sinking
The rats are jumping off the sinking ship
And people are done being controlled by television puppet strings
They’ve been lied to too many times
And obvious lies displayed in lights for the world to see
By media Juggernauts like Joe Rogan
Jimmy Dore Tim Pool and many others
People with followings bigger than theirs
Pointing out the insanity of their coverage
They even did a report on how hospitalizations from covid had likely been exaggerated
To which so many of us who have now been chastised for years at this point are saying
You don’t say….
And this is just the beginning.
The cracks in the narrative are not only showing
But they are in lights and growing
And those that helped craft it and create it
Are seeing the dangerous predicament that they are in
Humanity waking up
To the most epic season of gaslighting that’s foisted upon a people
The clap back from it is gonna be severe
The rage people will feel when all of this is exposed will be overwhelming
The lives lost from the suppression of safe and effective treatments
Will come back to haunt those that perpetuated this satanic agenda
And we are at the point where all of this is undeniable
Humans in troves will now start saying what
What a few of us have been saying all along and getting tarred and feathered for it
But those that say it now will be applauded from the cheap seats
And comment sections will be filled with approval and agreement that they sensed something was off all along
And how dare they

But this is just how humanity operates
And life has never once pretended to be fair
It’s a video game
We are in a giant gaming center with oculus’s on
And virtual reality guns
Pointing at each other

I’m good with a little crib in AZ raising you with your mama
And working towards these dreams of mine
The number one dream
Is that magic smile on your face
Bringing that out each and everyday.
That’s good enough