Dear Alessia 011222

Full degen mode
Full NFT obsession and Twitter acting like a electric draw
To my magnetic frying pan eyes
Checking prices on the floor
(Haven’t we been here before)
It’s swish and a swash
Of fear and regret and worry
Bandaged by the victory of small wins
And the hope of things to come

Who knew investments could be so compelling
And so fast moving
Turning our smart phones into Vegas hotels
But better
Community spirals
The promise of big things coming
And a place for artists to overcome their fear of flying
I started the day off all wrong
Picking up the smart phone first thing
And pursuing the degen marketplace rather than writing
Letting your mama take advantage of me
And now here I am
In a parking lot outside of Starbucks
Drinking an eight shot venti (yes 8)
And listening to the nifty alpha
As i write this
Shakespeare never had distractions like these
The world is a digital playground
Waiting for the next drop from my alien frens
And looks rare token accumulating tasty rewards from steaking

Our God is a jealous God though
Am I putting this stuff first?
When does it shift from addiction to a job
And then when does it shift back?

Let’s remember this
In life in everything
In trading
In love
And even in God
There is no perfection
You need not have perfect faith
You need not make perfect trades
Your love can have shadows looming in the cracks beneath the floor board
Families which are broken
Can repair and resume
And the feelings we all have for each other can be complicated and convoluted
My big take away from 2022 so far
Perfectionism is cancer
It will eat your life
It will leave you scattered and broken
It’s fear in another disguise
It’s always fear that takes the light from our eyes
Addiction is fear
Perfectionism is fear dressed up as something righteous
This morning started off scandalous
My discipline fell off the tracks
My head spun out into self damnation
20 times or more.

But here’s the thing
It’s just gone 8am
And now I’ve written
And I’m gonna read it
Then I’m gonna run
And before nine I’ll be sweating in the sun doing push-ups in a parking lot

Here’s the moral of the story
Your head is a liar.
Your head is a liar.
Your head is a liar.

The cure is a banishment of perfectionism
And to take action
Take massive action
Under the clouds of
You’ve already blown it.

Here’s why…..
You haven’t. (Blown it)

Good morning!!!!