Dear Alessia 011322

I hope you never let anyone treat you badly
I hope you become aware early on
That evil exists and demons prevail in certain people
And in certain institutions
I’m not sure if the nature of anyone is evil
But I am sure that people succumb to evil
And become evil all of the time
You have to tread carefully
You have to be aware of how evil operates
The tools of its trade
And how it moves like a snake in the shadows
To wield power and control.
Evil operates to break you down
Evil is anti life
Anything that disempowers you
Anything or anyone that discourages your voice
Or that calls you crazy for expressing it
Is working with the forces of evil
Evil discourages the universe from blossoming inside sovereign beings
It manipulates people into submission
And it almost always comes disguised as a friend.
En mass it will dress itself up for the greater good
It will accuse
And divide
Chastise and condemn
Play righteous even as it drains the dreams from your eyes
On a personal level it comes as a friend
With gossip and gaslights
It’s thumb print is cognitive dissonance and confusion
It says one thing and does the other
And then it acts like it never contradicted itself
As it looks at you like you’re confused
So that you learn to distrust your own instincts
It teaches you over time to depend on it
For the thoughts in your head
The thoughts it approves are ok
The thoughts is doesn’t should be banished and called crazy
It will divide and have people neutered in swarms of drama
Taxing energies that could be leveraged into dreams
Evil likes to destroy those
If you want to characterize it
It’s God versus the Devil
It’s life versus death
And it operates best while pretending it doesn’t exist
And at the same time being so obvious that it
Invites its victims into a kind of humiliation ritual
Of compliance and surrender
It works the same way across societies
As it does in the personal one on one dynamic
And this world you’ve been born into
Has largely surrendered to it
Particularly now
Particularly lately.

These missives to you have largely been motivated
Just as an exercise to hang onto my voice
To insist my right to use it everyday
To allow it and the universe to expand
Within me and then without me
And resistance it receives is a sign that it is operating in opposition of a world gone insane
To be ok with that is where your power lies
Both in the personal dynamics of this
And across society
If one was raised in a structure of abuse
Then the only way out of it
Is to divorce yourself from the structure
To train yourself not to need it
To be ok out in the ocean of the unknown
On the life raft of faith
This is why faith is so important
It becomes the ultimate weapon to free yourself
From the vortex of evil
To know that all you need is God
And that you can walk away from any situation that no longer serves you
That chooses to take you for granted
That aims to dismantle you.
To protect yourself this way is not the same
As being a flake and giving up too soon
What I’m speaking of here is something different than that
I’m speaking of when you’ve made a study of evil and how it operates
Be it NPD in one on one personal relationships
Or shady media programming across the wide expanse of society
They operate the same
The only difference is the level
And once you recognize it
Understand that you need to free yourself from it
You’ll recognize it by the level of disruption in your heart
You’ll recognize it by what that does to your mind and your ability to pursue your dreams
And once you recognize it
Understand always and forever that you can liberate yourself from it
And you can walk by faith
And that whatever you lose in the material plane
Will be made up for in the spiritual
And then ultimately replaced by something much more.