Evil has the upper hand (eternities fortress)

And so what Maybe I like it that way. Maybe My mouth is bloody in the rainBut I will shake youWhen you see me smileWhen you see my eyes not break from yoursWhen I know what eternity isWhen I knowWhat side you are teaming up with. Evil in this worldHas the upper hand Ya know whatGood. Means I can show the one I care about What I’m made of. If life is a vice grip Then it’s here to squeeze the impurities outIt’s there so that I can finally Lie down into my true nature. Taking off in a spaceship of love Shaped like a casket Eternities fortress

On the personal nature of evil 

Here is the truthEvil is realAnd evil is personal. 
Just as we have a personal relationship with GodWe also have a personal relationship with the devil. 
It’s all very very personal. It’s intimate. 
Why is it like this?I have no idea
But when evil comes knocking When true malevolence comes to your doorstep 
There is no mistaking the personal nature of it
After all It wouldn’t really be evilIf it wasn’t personal
They say never take anything personally And that is a deeply wise philosophy to undertake
But I don’t think it’s actually true
I think we are meant to take it very personally. 
That’s what evil wants us to do For sure
And for that reasonDeciding To take none of it personallyAccept for the deep love God has for youIs the best defense against evil
Cause in the end(And here I will contradict myself)
None of it Accept Gods loveIs personal. 
Or rather none of it Is as personal as Gods love. 
You are not alone. 
Stay strong. And don’t let the imagination get the best of youI say this as someone who fully validates your experience 
As I have had similar experiences And I know that they were real. 
But they pass In direct coordination with the building of your strength. 
Sending much love. 
Ps. I think I will develop this  share this as a poem whilst fully protecting your identity. I think and I know many can relate and take comfort. And I’ve been meaning to write about the personal aspect of a confrontation with evil (And only what I’ve written here obviously) 
God bless and god speed!!!! 
Ps. Take it as a compliment. The devil felt threatened by you. That’s why he sent the human hornets your way. But you can beat them like Neo in the matrix. They’re an illusion to a rather large degree. And I’m not saying they aren’t real. 

Also keep in mind. Demons are real. And weak souls  can be over taken by them. I’ve forgiven close family because I know they were not in control. Demonic forces are out there and many people are so spiritually weak that they are easy targets. The devil wants you completely disillusioned by humanity. The devils a little ole punk. I thump his ear on the regular and have him in his proper place with the grace of Jesus. Plain and simple. That is our power here on this plane. At least for me. And now those same demonic forces that at one point nearly had me taken out can’t even touch me though I walk among them. Easily. You will too. If you aren’t already. And when I went through it. I had nobody. Count your blessings that you have some family around you. That’s amazing. 

The fact that evil is personalIs the skeleton key To take you beyond it. When you know you are a target. You go into training. You become a kind of superhero Or you fall under the grip Of the fallen. The solutionIs born from the problemAlways And forever