Confronting the moral law

In man 

There is how he acts

And how

He should act 

Nowhere else n nature 

Does this dichotomy exist 

In the animal kingdom

Or anywhere else in nature

There is just 

How the lion acts

How the rose falls

And adapts

How the fish

Swims and grasps

But with man

With woman

There is 

How we act

And how 

We should act

Often not all the same thing

Confronting the moral law

And where it’s origin is

Who whispers these directions

Into the ear of our ears

Who gives us these visions

In the eyes of our eyes?

Interestingly certain drugs

Have the effect of turning the volume of these laws

Or instincts

Way way up 

Hallucinogens in particular

Have the effect of turning the moral law

The moral instinct up by many times

Like putting the quiet voice through a PA speaker

At Madison Square Garden

It’s often that confrontation 

That gives people the experience of 

“Having a bad trip man”

They’re being confronted 

In full volume

By a voice submerged in a whisper

A voice

Shoved beneath endless layers 

Of ice cream



And cigarettes 

A voice much easier to pretend 

Doesn’t exist 

But each of us is on a one street towards 

An inevitable confrontation

With the moral law

Hardwired into each of our souls 

No matter how far away from center we have strayed 

That voice

That quiet often mostly silent voice

Is the great inevitable 

To the degree 

That some people’s entire lives 

Are spent denying it exists at all 

Until they can no longer deny it


It’s only them and that voice

Shouting at full volume in another wise empty room. 

With man

With woman

There is 

How we act

And how we should act. 

And we know the difference 

Even if we want to deny it. 

We know it anyway.