The Voiceless In Tye Voiceless Spell

The Voiceless In The Voiceless Spell 

If they don’t go against


They will question your sanity

If you step out of line

The people in the cheap seats

Will question

The state of your mind

Your mind state

They will say you are bonkers

and they will say it to your face

You will be labeled 

Are you ok with labels ?

You have to be. 

It’s either silence

Or labels 

You decide

Pick your poison

Become no one 

Or become someone

All the no ones 

Think is crazy 

Pick your poison

Pick your pain

There is no painless alternative

That’s why you need strength 

To express 

The center of yourself

To the universe

Remember the ones who fell. 

And do it for them

The voiceless 

In the voiceless spell. 

‘The Voiceless Blossoms’ 36×24” mixed media on canvas.