Be your brothers keeper

Be your brothers keeper

Pray for others

When you see them submerged in addiction 

When you see them buried in the dark 

When you see them confused and left behind

Be your brothers keeper 

Be your sisters seeker

And pray for them 

Heaven will stop on a dime

God will pay attention 

To those prayers 

More than others 

And don’t just save it for when they are down

But confiscate demons 

From their path 

When they are floating over ground

Pray for them in their victories too 

Because envy is toxic

And will swarm over you. 

Pray for the struggles

That they may overcome

And pray for their victories

To bolster their young

And angels will descend 

And angels will come

And demons who defend

Will soon be outdone 

And then you will share in their salvation to come

And victory will be yours 

Wherever you run.