Is Forgiveness The Final Blow In The Battle For Freedom?

So what is freedom anyway?

Why did braveheart yell it at the top of his lungs while being tortured to death?

Why is it (the word freedom) now associated with being a red neck and a racist

With a confederate flag next to a don’t tread on me bumper sticker?

And do those of us that say we want freedom really understand what that even means?

Is actual freedom possible or will there always be a cage of resentment and fear we are forever doomed to work our way out of?

No doubt, like us humans

Freedom is vast and contains multitudes

On some level one could conclude that Jesus came here

Just to teach us that ultimate freedom is possible for us

On the other side of repentance and forgiveness

Because real freedom isn’t just about being able to tweet without getting shadow banned

Real freedom is freedom from the oppression of the mind

Freedom is an inside job

Freedom is defined by Webster as the quality or state of being free, such as: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. liberation from slavery or from the power of another. boldness of conception or execution. a political right

Boldness of conception or execution stands out

Cause to be bold one needs to

Be somewhat fearless

To be fearless one needs faith

To have faith one needs to connect with God

To connect with God

One needs to forgive and repent

To forgive and repent one needs to observe the mind

And see how we are more than our thoughts and beyond them in fact

Which gives birth to this appeal for freedom

With a movement towards God

On the vehicle called forgiveness.

In some way you could even argue

That freedom is God

Or God is freedom

You heard it said all the time that God is love

But true freedom

Or the state that allows one to just be present in the now

Without being damned by the past or

oppressed by the future

Seems to be a hint at the real nature of God as well


There’s no overcoming the abstract nature of the big words and concepts such as freedom or love or God for that matter

But it’s interesting to try

And like a map

Can send us perhaps in the right direction

In this time

Of division

And online battle around the concept of freedom

And all it’s sub categories

Medical freedom

Freedom of speech etc.

By protecting our freedom

It is possible that we are walking into a bigger and even more oppressive cage

Of fear and resentment

And the annoying key to that cage is called forgiveness

It doesn’t mean we don’t defend our rights

Or be bold with concept and execution

It just means we don’t judge or condemn or hate others while we do that

Our battle is spiritual not with flesh and blood

Or as Jesus put it

Forgive them father for they know not what they do

We can protect and fight for our freedom without falling into that trick of satan

Trapping us into the bigger cage of non forgiveness

Because what we want is freedom externally

And freedom internally

We don’t want other people telling us what to do or how to live

And that includes people from our past who maybe told us we were no good long ago and are still telling us that from our own internal voice

The self shaming voices that certainly disallow boldness in our actions

The only way to overcome those voices is through forgiveness.

So how do we forgive then?


I was at Jam For Freedom where people who faced and resisted the recent tyranny of our times all came together to celebrate and encourage freedom with each other around music and panel discussions.

We all lived in tents in the English countryside for a few days together basically hanging out and vibing

As with any baby festival it was partially a comedy of errors and organizational snafus

But in spirit it was a smashing success

It’s interesting how these two sides have come into being over the concept of freedom

Those who resist tyrannical movements and all of their guises of control

And those that comply and defend those movements as necessary for the “greater good”

So many of us on both sides lost lifelong friends, family and even careers on this battlefield

And accumulated laundry lists of resentments in the process

Perhaps we on the side of resisting tyranny

Protected our freedom on one side of what freedom means

While walking ourselves deeper into a cage on the other-side of what it means to be free

One simply cannot be full of anger and hatred

And at the same time consider themselves free.

I was invited on my friend Patrick Henningsen’s panel to discuss the effects of cancel culture

That came as a result of speaking your mind

And I brought the discussion back to forgiveness

And how these resentments we carry bind us to the devil’s will

And trick us into being in step with the same forces we think of ourselves as fighting against.

Nothing is more dangerous than righteous anger

Or justifiable rage in keeping us trapped and far from the freedom or the real freedom we seek.

Jesus said

Forgive them for they know not what they do

And when he said that he wasn’t condoning what they were doing

But he was seeing beyond

The flesh and blood of their actions

And up-leveling his viewpoint into the realm of the principalities or spiritual nature of what they were doing to be able to forgive them

In other words they weren’t even in control or at the helm of their own actions

And from this viewpoint forgiveness becomes possible and pragmatic

And when we see clearly that freedom is only possible in the spirit of forgiveness

We find our motivation to override the ego which thrives off of anger and resentment

And take this utterance from Jesus more seriously and apply it to our own world and lives

Forgive them for they know not what they do.

I hit a nerve at Jam For Freedom

Discussing this concept

And even singing the Ho’oponopono mantra with the crowd

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

And thank you

Our society encourages division

And hanging onto resentment is encouraged by both sides in the battle for freedom

Those who resisted and resist tyranny

And those who comply by insisting their freedom isn’t really being threatened at all

But perhaps the side who resists tyranny are even more guilty of keeping alive the resentment of the past

As they do have righteous indignation on their side

Many of us lost quite a lot

And the narrative of this time in our history has completely flipped to almost full support of those that resisted and continue to do so.

But what is real victory here?

I would argue that the final blow in this battle against psychopathic control

Is to forgive

Only through forgiveness are we all the way out of the cage of what happened to us and our world.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean


It doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be consequences

It doesn’t mean

No longer fighting for freedom

Or boldly speaking up again when the next wave of control inevitably comes

Forgiveness just means letting go of the hatred that poisons our own world and hearts

Forgiveness just means true liberation

And seeing the battle for what it is

Spiritual in nature

Forgive them father for they know not what they do.