Questions For The Holy Spirit

Overcoming The So Called Failures of the past

The past is like a gang stalking

The corners of our lives

The woulda


And coulda gang

That aims to paralyze us

And lock us in hidden rooms

Where no one can see

In order to perpetuate its energy

Into eternity

Who are we but liars at the cross roads of time anyway?

Who are we but drunken sleeper cells

Nestled in oblivion’s blanket?

As here comes the saints sings

In some distant cloud floating by

Perhaps we could work harder

Perhaps we should

Perhaps we could sin less

And give more

Maybe we would

If only we held the keys to our own minds

And anyway we’re still in a cage with these angry demons from the past

Using our self esteem as a punching bag

For the sticks called woulda

Shoulda and coulda

The basic mantra of the past

Shoulda woulda coulda.

The past isn’t much more substantial than a dream we just woke up from

Apart from the fact that we are here now

Because of it

In other words it would be totally dream like

But for it’s so called hand in shaping where we are

So how do we accept the past brought us to where we are

But need not determine

Where we go?

I believe it’s in the letting go

The moving on

And arriving at the here and now

Tapping into the eternal now moment

And allowing revelation to dream through you and for you

The Holy Spirit

Or God to do that inspired two step

On the floor of our heart

To perhaps beat in another direction

To be an entirely new creation

From this moment forward

Without the jaundiced hands of the past

Wrapping around the neck of our future

Because the past aims to dominate

To be the only game in town

Every energy field we encounter aims to be the dominate force

To assert itself and take over

By interference and a grappling for our attention

And the past is no different

In fact the past is most probably the worst of the bunch

(Holy Spirit

What would you have me write

To help another

Make it through the dark night

For the wayward and lost

To help in their plight

Holy Spirit

What would you have me write

For the devil would love me

To put down your pen

And with the past go out drinking

In old sorrows again

Reflect endlessly

On how it shoulda been

Beat up new dreams

With the bat of old sin

Help us let go

Of the places we’ve been

Regrets in our minds

With a cage locking in

As it says to give up

There’s no starting again

Blows like deception

Or the devil’s cold wind

Holy Spirit

What would you have me say

To bring new hope

On another’s lost day

To give true value

No one needs to repay

To establish your colors

On a world that’s gone grey

Holy Spirit

What would you have me say?

Let go of the past

Fear not of the future

Be in the now

Let me be your teacher

Lean into faith

Seek first the father

Know that you’re safe

Here ever after)

I asked the Holy Spirit to write that poem

And give us a hint about how to overcome

The key takeaway is seeking something beyond ourselves

To help us escape our own limitations

And damnations

To write into the infinite now

With no thought about the woulda shoulda couldas

Perhaps this is a key to the vitality of young artists

They aren’t being gang stalked by a past they haven’t had yet

And perhaps old artists that stay vital

Know how to drop the baggage as they meander down destiny’s twisted roads?

I do know the past and the future

Don’t exist in reality

But only as concepts in a fractured mind

So what could we achieve but brokenness

By hanging out there?

Where our attention goes

Our destiny flows

So if we dive into the now

Beyond the layers of mind and ego

We can give our attention

To God

Or the infinite

And allow the light of our faith

To take us there

Fishing for dreams in the lake of eternity

Asking God to bait the hooks for us

And to help keep the storms at bay.