Just Do It

We are all trapped in fear

And trauma based limitations

Fighting our way out of the molasses of the indifference of the world.

Our key to escape ourselves

Is to motivate to serve others

Where we deflate and defeat our own egos as much as possible

We get ourselves out of our own way

By removing our egos as much as possible

Just do it

I read some pieces to a friend

Pieces on overcoming procrastination

He said yeah but Nike already figured it out

Just do IT

He said

And of course ultimately that is true

Just do it

And if all anyone needed for encouragement

Was a bit of cheer and a push

Saying three words might be enough

Just do it

Certainly a brilliant marketing campaign

And really the distillation

Of everything in this book

On some level could be whittled down to those three words

Just do it

But we all know just doing it

Requires us to traverse a complex jungle of internal and external complexities

Which frankly most don’t succeed at making it through

Apocalypse Now is a closer approximation of the creative life to fulfilling your vision

Captain Willard going down the river deep in the jungle amidst the insanity of war

To confront colonel Kurtz in a murderous enclave

Where madness has taken over

The creative life is closer to this than a single neat resolution to just do it

Though ultimately just doing it is the end goal

One problem or darkness you will face in that jungle is a world full of people not doing it

And you may look to them to give you encouragement in your journey of trying to just do it

But people are incapable of giving you or anyone something they can’t give themselves

So often in the hideouts of your personal battle

You will look for a friendly word or a boost to your vision

But will find a group of enemy soldiers hiding out and unloading the artillery of their own failures onto you

It takes years and much confusion to recognize this fact

And protect yourself against it

Countless projects are casualty’s of this basic misunderstanding of human nature

Joseph in the Bible made this mistake

Flashing his Technicolor dream coat

And telling his brothers of his connection to the almighty

It got him buried and betrayed

And left for dead

And sold into slavery

For the most part people won’t cheer for your Technicolor dream coat or dream or whatever momentum you manage to accumulate

For the most part people will be jealous of such things

So hold your vision close and work on it in the shadows outside of the reach of other peoples judgments

And when you do display the weakness of need and display your progress to disappointing reactions

Factor in this aspect of human nature

And do not let it thwart your progress

Kurtz is deep in the jungle and already surrendered to a murderous nihilism

He is like the shadow looming over everything you do

A powerful force that can’t be trifled with

Whose already given up on everything

And the shadow to your vision fulfilled

(He is the representation of everything that is meant to stop you and in this jungle he isn’t far away and up the river but within your own spirit. Your fear. Your failures. Your losses and limitations.)

Captain Willard saying never get out of the boat “absolutely god damn right” as he traverses the insanity of the river through the jungle for the final confrontation of all the forces meant to stop him.

Correlates with the blood sport of a vision becoming fulfilled. The boat is the daily actions you must take and never get out of.

The boat is the daily grind

And the tasks that will often feel hopeless much of the time as you work away in darkness towards a vision for a new light and the life you aim to build.

Just do it

Yes but let’s also talk about the jungle

And all the aspects contained there in

Knowledge of the battle you are actually in

Is imperative to winning it

Once you’ve made it all the way through

And once Kurtz is dead

You could tell others to just do it

But at that point you would know that if it were Really that simple

The world would be full of fulfilled individuals

Who never quit on a vision

This isn’t the world we live in

So deeply going into every potential booby trap that you will spring along the way

Expecting them and formulating a plan

For springing them without getting caught

Or avoiding them altogether

Won’t guarantee success but will at least

Help you confront the reality of how complicated

Just doing it actually is

Even though ultimately just doing it

Is what you have to do.

Ultimately my friend is right.

Just do it.

And certainly don’t allow the analyzation of the process to slow or thwart your progress either

But do strategize

Like you would going down a strange river

To confront the one

In charge of killing your dreams.

For once you confront him he will tell you about the horror of it all

That his focus was on the horror

The horror

The horror

The horror

Nietzsche said, ‘He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. ‘ Keep that in mind.”

You must see the abyss

You must formulate a plan to overcome it

But don’t gaze at it any longer than it takes to overcome it.

Overcome it and divert your eyes back into the direction of the light.

Just do it.