Led Zeppelin Versus AI

Led Zeppelin versus AI

Hiking by a creek in Sedona

A little radio blared All Of My Love

By Led Zeppelin

And the whole scene was out of a dream from the 70’s

A picnic blanket abandoned for water

Toys and family life

And evidence of young lovers

And Zeppelin

Still Led Zeppelin with no hint of the digital AI prison

Establishing bars made of zeros and ones climbing up around us all

I was walking with a group of alternative media people

As we were all out in Sedona taking part in a creator’s summit

Helping us in someway to not feel so alone in the fight that is calling out the shift towards tyranny in our world.

Led Zeppelin representing the past and reflections of a world that is going or near gone

A time of innocence.

I was walking with Patrick Henningsen and I pointed out that Zeppelin was still dominating all these years later

And it brought up the question

What world is it easier to make a soul contribution in?

The analog world of the past

With limitations

And tape distortion

Where 24 tracks was all you got

And where media could only reach you

If you tried to reach it

Or the current world of AI creation

And limitless inroads of creation

Where every laptop has the function

Or at least simulates the expensive and privileged studios of the past?

Perhaps the biggest difference of now versus then

Is a mindset.

And the belief that a song could change the world

And the pedestal that human creativity and achievement was placed on then versus now

Then it was about the soul and reaching for the complicated truth

Now it’s about the body and reaching for social proof


And yes there are exceptions

Many of us out here

(The workers of song)

Are reaching for a depth before unforeseen

The problem comes when we consider will anyone care

Or have the mindset and attention span to even listen ?

And again

The answer is of course some will

And nothing is black and white

Everything goes on all the time

But the questions come in

Will the music we make today ever be played by a creak 50 years from now sounding as relevant as it ever did?

Does the possibility of an artist making a significant cultural impact still exist

Or do artists now solely exist in scattered cults?

We don’t have a unified public discourse

Politically or culturally

Until of course obvious propaganda gets funneled in

Then we suddenly have one message we all get to hear

Though the so called facts around it

Are scattered like

Shrapnel from a hand grenade

It’s like we are being blown apart and corralled at the same time.


In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes

In the next future

Everyone will be famous for 15 seconds

But perhaps

We all get to star in our own movies


Become our own Led Zeppelins

Perhaps the era of the artist as hero is dead

And the next era is prompt writer as hero

Has arrived

Perhaps there are no heroes at all

But those who track well against the scattered walls of the propaganda of the day?

The problem is that usually “heroes” aren’t so great for themselves

But they are good for children dreaming of a way to change the world

They are good and a force for the artistic revolutions of tomorrow

I suppose the real danger of AI is that it threatens to replace the importance of human achievement

And like a digital thief made of zombie data

It threatens to rob the imaginations of our young.

We grew up with Led Zeppelin

And Bob Dylan

Prince and Iggy Pop

Lou Reed and Marvin Gaye

Joni Mitchell and Aretha Franklin

Artists as heroes which we then longed for that glory and achievement

We fantasized about changing the world with a song

And so many of us built the skills to do just that and thusly propelled the culture forward

And to do that we had to dive into our souls

And into a communion with God

To reflect the divinity of what it means to be human back on us

Like a giant light from another world

Underneath all of AI

Is the threat of some kind of epic devaluing of human potential

And with that a devaluing of our divine nature

Or connection with God.


It’s difficult not to frame everything in terms of a spiritual war

And to see a spiritual war taking place

Even walking by a creek and hearing Led Zeppelin sing All Of My Love

And to consider if all of our love isn’t being drained in the digital jungle we are being born into?


The problem is that when one brings up concerns of this nature

They instantly become the old guy afraid of progress

Resisting the inevitability of change

And perhaps this would be paranoid if we didn’t see the draining of the divine across so many spectrums of our existence

There seems to be a push towards making the landscape of the soul of humanity redundant

And even inferior

We see the denial of our divinely and magical ability to heal being cast upon stations of propaganda all day everyday

With the counterpoint to that way of thinking being given very little air time

I suppose the thesis of this

Could be whittled down to this

Is AI an attack on humanity’s divine nature

And ability to reflect God back to us

Through inspired and soulful work

That values this cultural push enough to inspire the young

To keep pushing things forward?

Will AI become so advanced and prevalent that

It will promote the idea that we are in fact nothing more than useless eaters?

Or will this threat to our souls expression and expansion

Result in us diving deeper into the realms of the divine

Where AI can never get its digital fingers around?

Perhaps we will go deeper and further into the soul as a result of all this?

Perhaps we will recognize the real soul of the divine even more?


It makes sense that this battle would exist on the level of song

The blending of melody, rhythm and words

Invites a connection to the divine almost automatically

For there to be suddenly a world full of (let’s face it) fun and even personal Xeroxs of all of the music of the past

Scrambled together in new and even interesting combinations

Means that not only do the artists of the future

Have to compete against what every genius made before them

But also endless computers churning out countless new/old songs to fill the airwaves perhaps reaching the so called singularity of creation.

Not to mention the focus the artists of the past had

We may have certain advantages these days artistically

But with our attention spans scattered all over the place

It’s hard to imagine an organism as organic and magical as Led Zeppelin ever forming again

I suppose it’s why it’s hardly surprising hearing them sing to the children of today

By a creek in Sedona

All these years later.