Dear Alessia 011222

Full degen modeFull NFT obsession and Twitter acting like a electric drawTo my magnetic frying pan eyesChecking prices on the floor(Haven’t we been here before)It’s swish and a swashOf fear and regret and worryBandaged by the victory of small winsAnd the hope of things to come Who knew investments could be so compellingAnd so fast […]

Dear Alessia 011122

It’s seven 20 amAnd out here in Arizona are schedule and diet are all out of whackWe’ve gone to in and out burger too many timesAnd when we goto in and out burger We get milk shakes and friesAnd double doubles. Two eachMe your mama get the same thingAnd it’s a junk house feastBut we […]

Dear Alessia 011002 (short and thwarted)

By hook or by crookWe been heading to the lanesThrowing bricksVirtual reality warsNFT degen tradings And looking for digs Out here where the sunBlooms disgust on the children of the coldThis reminds me of LA in the 90’sWhen record companies would pay for my rental carsAnd fancy hotelsAnd I’d drive up and down sunsetListening to […]

Dear Alessia 010822

Traveling championYou took your first flight And you magnetized the entire crew to your smileLife is such a joyous thing When you don’t know betterSo I guess every gurus thousand day journey beginsTrying to find a way to not know betterI read somewhere that depressed people see the world more realistically And I always said […]

Dear Alessia 010322 (out of order)

To turn off the negative voices that can easily flood in if you let them first thingThat’s what discipline’s for To get a leg up on the mind virusThe negative self talk that wantsTo have a group discussion about your failuresAnd lay out the reason that your situation is hopelessIt doesn’t take too much negativity […]

Dear Alessia 010622

Days move fast Too many rules and regulations to beholdHot rooms and trialsEarly wake ups and then naps in 12 step roomsDigressions and plots of moving Crypto crashes and long flightsInto new landsLooking for places we belongLace up the thumbs and get to typingHere we are again in the pre dawn writing Life has a […]

Dear Alessia 010522

Vivid dreams have returnedThis morning last nights dream has already fadedBut they are back with full forceEvery night an electric circusAn alternate life playing outIt’s hard not to submit to the magic of lifeThe magic of the world when you consider dreamsPeople who exited your life (maybe long ago)Re emerging to help you build a […]

Dear Alessia 010422

Don’t careDon’t tryNothing mattersPeople’s perception of youDoesn’t matterNot at allReinvent yourself in every moment. Or to put it another way It matters to an extent but it should neverImpede your creative outputIt should never silence your voiceWe live in a judgmental worldPeople are encouraged to trash talk and trollParticularly if you speak outside the boxOr […]

Dear Alessia 010221

Day two of the new yearAnd the morning run felt amazingDon’t be defeated in these daysDon’t be afraid to speak outTo use your voiceThe truth is coming like a tidal waveLike a freight trainAnd everybody knows that There will be an attempt to thwart itTo keep you afraidTo keep your focus on death and dyingBut […]

Dear Alessia 123121

Last day of 2021And we made itStrangest year of my life so farThe best and the worstA lot was lost but more was gainedEvery morning the lights in your eyesIlluminates the futureAnd we rebuke the demons Dancing around our house Everyday a new dayTo try a new approachThe new year coming inTo help us be […]