Led Zeppelin Versus AI

Led Zeppelin versus AI Hiking by a creek in Sedona A little radio blared All Of My Love By Led Zeppelin And the whole scene was out of a dream from the 70’s A picnic blanket abandoned for water Toys and family life And evidence of young lovers And Zeppelin Still Led Zeppelin with no […]

Just Do It

We are all trapped in fear And trauma based limitations Fighting our way out of the molasses of the indifference of the world. Our key to escape ourselves Is to motivate to serve others Where we deflate and defeat our own egos as much as possible We get ourselves out of our own way By […]

What’s So Good About The Serenity Prayer Anyway?

I first heard the serenity prayer in Atlanta at some meeting for those of us trying to quit addictions. I was 20 and about to be 21 in four days when I would finally be of legal age to drink but my timing was off because I was about to spend the next few years […]

The Gift Of Suffering

I’ve been having this thought lately That so many of life’s questions can be answered based on this one Does life have a meaning or a purpose? And like the question Is there God or not? The answer can’t be known beyond our instincts and guts And maybe the nudging of our heart And yes […]

Questions For The Holy Spirit

Overcoming The So Called Failures of the past The past is like a gang stalking The corners of our lives The woulda Shoulda And coulda gang That aims to paralyze us And lock us in hidden rooms Where no one can see In order to perpetuate its energy Into eternity Who are we but liars […]

Judgement Versus Discernment And Finding An Understanding To Lean On

We could put good and evil On a sliding scale All the way over to evil is serving yourself All the way over to good is serving the other Fear and faith could be just underneath Fear obviously a motivation for evil And faith a motivation for good But the knowledge of good and evil […]

Alien Christ Superstar

Alien Christ Superstar Let me state off the top that this is a conversation I overheard Which was had by people that would no doubt be labeled conspiracy theorists (For some of you that means truth tellers and for others that means lunatics. This isn’t about debate in that realm but rather relaying an interesting […]

Is Forgiveness The Final Blow In The Battle For Freedom?

So what is freedom anyway? Why did braveheart yell it at the top of his lungs while being tortured to death? Why is it (the word freedom) now associated with being a red neck and a racist With a confederate flag next to a don’t tread on me bumper sticker? And do those of us […]

Dear Alessia 011322

I hope you never let anyone treat you badlyI hope you become aware early onThat evil exists and demons prevail in certain peopleAnd in certain institutions I’m not sure if the nature of anyone is evilBut I am sure that people succumb to evilAnd become evil all of the timeYou have to tread carefullyYou have […]

Dear Alessia 011222

Full degen modeFull NFT obsession and Twitter acting like a electric drawTo my magnetic frying pan eyesChecking prices on the floor(Haven’t we been here before)It’s swish and a swashOf fear and regret and worryBandaged by the victory of small winsAnd the hope of things to come Who knew investments could be so compellingAnd so fast […]