The Machine Called Courage

The Machine Called Courage   Or How Many Can Have a Roaring Lion for a Heart (As taught by) Lou Reed and Jesus. Walking around NYC, I think of Lou Reed a lot. He was a mentor of mine and a friend And beyond that, a rock n’ roll icon of the ages. One of […]

A Journey Into Presence

The Paradox of Love and Presence It’s hard to imagine Ever wishing we had loved any less. Getting to the end of our lives and not regretting being asleep most of the time. To presence and the true source of love that comes from beyond us all. Lost in fear and anger and the dramas […]

Perfectionism’s Precursor And The Dark Dance Towards Illumination

Perfectionism’s Precursor And The Dark Dance Towards Illumination Nothing is ever dialed in as it should be. Chaos all the time. And perfectionism has you doing a demon dance in an imaginary parade. Nobody cares at all. So take as many shots as you’ve got while air is still coursing through the blood in your […]

Gratitude Is The Doorway To Devotion

Gratitude is the doorway to the room Called devotion. Your ego, a puddle; His love, the ocean. Aligning your dream With no ulterior motive, Combustible love, Divine and explosive. And God cares That we want Him alone? Beyond the world And its vaporous throne, You won’t hear His voice Or discover His phone If your […]

The Devil’s Strings (what keeps us from our dreams)

The other thing is way more difficult. Whatever is keeping you from living The life of your dreams And fulfillment of your potential Isn’t practical in nature. Or to put it another way, Isn’t because it’s difficult in and of itself. The reason I know this Is because I’ve spent many years Not living up […]

Tantrums For Every Smile

Tantrums for every smile. I take my daughter to swimming lessons Every week. Yesterday was time for her to start going under water. She’s been underwater a couple of times already, But both were accidental and had her emerge coughing and crying. Watching a two-year-old learn and discover the world really is something else. They […]

Enthusiasm VS Entropy (the endless tug of war)

Entropy vs Enthusiasm   Enthusiasm is the antidote to entropy. Everything just naturally moves to chaos and disorder. We don’t operate from a stationary foundation and attempt to ascend into order. No, we are all the time existing in disorder and chaos. But for our efforts to be born as new creations out of that […]

From The TV To The Couch (The Power Of Observation)

From The TV To The Couch (The Power Of Observation)   What’s the problem? The problem is, there are multiples of us running around, Turning over the progress we make, Vandalizing the masterpieces we make, and Hiding them in the corners where we piss on the wall. (Psychologically speaking.) Voices of deceit, Repressed shadows, Our […]

Gamify Forgiveness

Love and Forgiveness is our superpower. We have the ability to radiate love and forgiveness towards those who would or are betraying us. And it can be difficult if you take betrayal personally, if you believe that there really are others outside of some reflection of you. If you land into the realm of egos […]

Does Music Have A Revolutionary Responsibility?

Does music have a revolutionary responsibility? Is music in its foundation, In its purest form, In the nature of existence and reality, A revolutionary act? A power chord! A high pitched scream! Or studied lyrics across a tv screen. Does music make the revolution, Or does the revolution make music? And why did the silence […]