Does Music Have A Revolutionary Responsibility?

Does music have a revolutionary responsibility? Is music in its foundation, In its purest form, In the nature of existence and reality, A revolutionary act? A power chord! A high pitched scream! Or studied lyrics across a tv screen. Does music make the revolution, Or does the revolution make music? And why did the silence […]

Led Zeppelin Versus AI

Led Zeppelin versus AI Hiking by a creek in Sedona A little radio blared All Of My Love By Led Zeppelin And the whole scene was out of a dream from the 70’s A picnic blanket abandoned for water Toys and family life And evidence of young lovers And Zeppelin Still Led Zeppelin with no […]

Just Do It

We are all trapped in fear And trauma based limitations Fighting our way out of the molasses of the indifference of the world. Our key to escape ourselves Is to motivate to serve others Where we deflate and defeat our own egos as much as possible We get ourselves out of our own way By […]

What’s So Good About The Serenity Prayer Anyway?

I first heard the serenity prayer in Atlanta at some meeting for those of us trying to quit addictions. I was 20 and about to be 21 in four days when I would finally be of legal age to drink but my timing was off because I was about to spend the next few years […]

The Voiceless In Tye Voiceless Spell

The Voiceless In The Voiceless Spell  If they don’t go against You They will question your sanity If you step out of line The people in the cheap seats Will question The state of your mind Your mind state They will say you are bonkers and they will say it to your face You will […]

Be your brothers keeper

Be your brothers keeper Pray for others When you see them submerged in addiction  When you see them buried in the dark  When you see them confused and left behind Be your brothers keeper  Be your sisters seeker And pray for them  Heaven will stop on a dime God will pay attention  To those prayers  […]

Confronting the moral law

In man  There is how he acts And how He should act  Nowhere else n nature  Does this dichotomy exist  In the animal kingdom Or anywhere else in nature There is just  How the lion acts How the rose falls And adapts How the fish Swims and grasps But with man With woman There is  […]

Evil has the upper hand (eternities fortress)

And so what Maybe I like it that way. Maybe My mouth is bloody in the rainBut I will shake youWhen you see me smileWhen you see my eyes not break from yoursWhen I know what eternity isWhen I knowWhat side you are teaming up with. Evil in this worldHas the upper hand Ya know whatGood. Means I can show […]